January 18, 2022

Land Investing as safe haven investment when markets are in high volatility

While it is uncertain whether and when the world will recover from the COVID-19 pandemic that has shook it to the core, it is certain that these wild times will adversely affect businesses around the globe. Highly volatile markets risk crashing as the economy continues to depreciate. During such unpredictable times smart investors have found the safest commodity to invest in and see their money double in value without putting herculean effort. Land-banking and Land Investment is where the magic lies!


What is Land Investment?

Land investment allows sophisticated businessmen and shrewd investors to secure their money in a fixed asset-land- that unlike perishable goods can also double in value as time passes by. Land Investment and Land banking has been explored and cashed-in by those who could see the exponential growth in this sector and their smart-thinking has enabled them to turn into some of the most successful businessmen around the globe. Unlike real-estate and issues such as over-heads and fluctuating market rents, land investment comes with less competition, low entry price, minimum overheads and maximum profits! Imagine earning double the amount you spent a decade later. That is the power of smart land-investment and what better time than now when businesses and markets are facing the worst recession since the great depression? Land Investing is a remarkable opportunity to witness a long-term appreciation of a tangible commodity that will continue to be in high demand especially once businesses gear up to re-build. The best part is that the risk of encountering money loss is at a minimum and flexibility is endless. Land Investment allows you to buy land and explore the options of leasing it to small businesses looking to rent or sub-dividing your property to sell it to a number of small to mid-range investors rather than one large-scale investor. This not only increases the value of your land but also increases the prospects of it being sold quicker!

Forced Appreciation Strategy for maximum profits

Smart investors know that buying the right piece of land after through market research is just the first step. Ensuring that your property has all the right ingredients by hiring experts to do so is what comes next. You must identify the most lucrative area for investment and add the magical touch by applying the forced appreciation strategy to maximize profits. Add value to your land by basic infrastructure such as water, road and electricity access that will further add attraction to your property and immediately raise its value by doing the bare minimum! It’s simple, it’s easy and it is one of the most lucrative yet low-risk investment opportunities that you can bank on in a time of crisis.

Invest in heaven-Indonesia

Indonesian islands offer the perfect location for your next venture. Stunning vistas, enriched land, pleasant climate around the year and future prospects of boom of development render Indonesian islands such as Lombok real estate and Sumba real estate the next hotspot for tourist destination.

Article source: https://invest-islands.com/how-land-banking-works/

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